Joining Trade Street desks has been a game changer for me. As a freelance consultant it’s fantastic to have a dedicated space where I can mix with other people working on interesting things. It means I can enjoy the benefits of being in an office environment while working solo. These include lovely people, light airy space, great coffee, fast wifi, 24/7 access and a dedicated postbox and address. Dai who runs the space is super helpful and accommodating and clients often comment on how great the space is when they come in for meetings. Five stars. Would highly recommend!

Cllr Sara Robinson, Freelance PR Consultant and Writer

I chose Trade Street Desks as it’s an affordable, modern co-working space in the heart of the city centre. My background is in public affairs and policy, but the diverse group of people co-working here, no matter what their job is, helps build a sense of a team and colleagues. 

Sam, Senior Public Affairs Officer

TSD has been an oasis for me over the last year as I’ve stopped working from home. It’s a place where I can focus, do great work, and also feel a sense of community. Free tea helps, too!

Neil Cocker, Entrepreneur & Consultant

I can’t recommend Trade Street Desks as a work space enough. The space is great, delivering exactly what you need, and the people are wonderful. As a freelancer or small business it’s fantastic to be in an environment with others who are in the same position as you are, you can all learn from each other, evening sharing a tea round or 5 and a good packet of biscuits! A good co-working space is about more than a flashy photograph backdrop, it’s about community and that’s exactly what TSD’s delivers on.

Stephen Milburn, Founder Tradebox Media

Dwi wrth fy modd yn dod i Trade Street i weithio. Mae’n ganolog i’r ddinas ac felly yn hawdd i’w gyrraedd ac yn hwylus i ymweld a’r dref. Mae ystafelloedd cyfarfod, cawod i’r sawl sy’n ymarfer corff yn ystod y dydd, a digon o de a choffi i lenwi Bae Caerdydd!

Gareth Clubb, gweithiwr sector cyhoeddus

Trade Street Desks, is the perfect location for me as a lone worker in Wales working for a UK wide organisation.  I really like the fact that we’re a mixed bunch and don’t work in the same sector, it makes for great conversations. The secure bike parking and free coffee are welcome essentials given that I work for Cycling UK

Gwenda Owen, Cycling UK

Trade Street was recommended by another colleague who used it as an alternative workspace from our office. I had recently moved to Cardiff so it was a great opportunity to be based in the city centre, work in a lovely environment and meet some new people too. There’s a great mix here and everyone is friendly, respectful and really welcoming. I am delighted to have found it

Eve, UKRI – UK Research and Innovation